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Academic IELTS writing task 1

Academic writing task 1 requires the candidate to describe or write a report based on a graphical representation of data relating to trends in any field. This task tests the ability of the student to be able to analyze patterns and trends from the given topic. The statistics could be presented by means of a bar graph, line graph, pie chart, table chart, a process diagram or a combination of two graphs as shown in the pictures below.

line graph - Academic ielts writing task 1pic chart - Academic ielts writing task 1bar graph -Academic ielts writing task 1

Image graph - Academic ielts writing task 1table figure - Academic ielts writing task 1

To begin with, keep in mind that IELTS will always give you a description of the graph provided in the question and this is vital information that you need to read to understand the meaning of your graph or chart.

For the introduction, paraphrase the information given in the question. It is also essential to include any relevant information that is necessary from the chart. For example, “the units are measured in dollars”. Notice that the previous sentence is written in passive form, which is imperative for a high score. Your next paragraph should be the overview of the graph. All the key features of the graph must be highlighted. If your Task 1 essay does not have an overview, you will not get over 5 band score for task achievement. Key features are the high points and the low points of your chart. Your overview must be followed by two body paragraphs. These paragraphs must be logical and easy to follow for the reader. Remember to always support your sentences with the figures given in the chart or graph. Also, note that you can use symbols such as % or $ instead of percentage or dollars.

In addition, it is very important that all the information that you give is accurate. Any mistakes in the data provided will lower you band score. For instance, a graph shows the percentage of smokers in a particular country, both women and men. The data given on the graph clearly shows 30% of women smoke; whereas, the percentage of men smokers was not accurately provided. It was just under 30%. In this case, writing an exact percentage like 29 % or 27% would not be appropriate. Instead, using phrases such as just under, less than, almost, nearly slightly under, close to, or well under 30 % would be appropriate.

Subsequently, if you are not sure that the data given is over or under, use words like about, approximately, around, more or less 30. If you are describing above a number, you could say over, above, more than, just over, slightly over, well over, or considerably more than 30. Consequently, there are lots of different ways to paraphrase and give accurate data for your Academic IELTS writing task 1.

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