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All about IELTS Listening Test

IELTS listening

The listening test is designed to evaluate your ability to comprehend spoken English. The listening test is the same regardless of whether you are taking the IELTS General module or the Academic module. The test has 40 questions spread over four sections in 30 minutes. The sections get more intricate as you progress. The last section is always a lecture and the most difficult. Moreover, you will listen to the audio tracks only once. You must follow the instructions given before every set of questions. For instance, if the question says “write no more than two words”, any answer with three words or more is considered wrong even if it contains the right words. At the end of the listening, you will have ten minutes to transfer your answers onto the answer sheet. Transfer your answers carefully without any spelling errors. There are no penalties for wrong answers. Hence, attempt all the questions even if you are not sure of the answers. You must also know that the first and the third sections are a dialogue, the second and the fourth sections are a monologue.

Now let’s focus on some important points. In the listening test, you are given some time to read the questions before you start listening to the audio track, so make sure you read the set of questions and underline or circle the keywords; usually, the nouns and the verbs. Next, predicting the answers is one of the key elements to scoring well. Ask yourself, is it a name, a telephone number, or an adjective. What is the situation? Who are the speakers? Synonyms and antonyms are important. Often the keywords in the question are different from the words in the audio. Also, you can expect tricks. The speaker may try to confuse you by giving you an answer and then change his/her decision. Watch out for such tricks. Don’t choose an answer just because you hear certain words. It is important to consider the overall meaning to answer the question. Understanding changes in the tone of voice also plays an important role in getting your answer correct. Besides, always have the next question in mind; it’s easy to miss several answers if all your focus is on one question. Consequently, it is important to practice a range of resources that might include: television, films, radio, lectures, online videos, and podcasts. Aim for a variety of sources of spoken English, particularly in different accents, for instance, Youtube videos, BBC, Australian Broadcasting Company, VOA, etc.

Keep in mind, there is no substitute for practice. That’s why Option Training Institute focuses on practice-oriented teaching and learning. We give you guaranteed score enhancement after training with us.