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Do well in TOEFL Speaking

TOEFL speaking

There are several skills to help you get a good score in speaking. The right use of grammar, pronunciation, intonation, fluency, use of good vocabulary, and note-taking are all skills that need to be actively improved. If you want to improve TOEFL speaking scores, you need to improve the skills enumerated. However, most students try to improve too many skills all at once. By doing so, students get stressed out or lose motivation. So the key to improving your TOEFL speaking score is to improve one skill at a time.

To begin with, record yourself and analyze for yourself what exactly you are struggling with. Once you determine which skill you are struggling with then you need to actively work on that specific skill. Once that has been improved, switch to the next skill that requires more practice. Moreover, it is essential to know the structure of the speaking test to do well.

TOEFL speaking is divided into six sections. The first two sections are called independent speaking tasks. The first question is usually related to your general knowledge or personal experience. The second question is a paired choice question. For instance, the questions may ask you to compare an apartment and an independent house. Which do you prefer? So in these two tasks, you have 15 seconds to prepare by making some notes and 45 seconds to record your response. A good response will have at least two reasons and examples. Also, there is no right or wrong answer; the response is purely your opinion and the scoring is based on your grammar skills, choice of vocabulary, coherence, and task response.

The other four sections are called integrated speaking tasks wherein you will have to read a passage and/or listen to an audio track related to the passage. Notes must be taken to perform well. Section three and four have a reading and a listening followed by a question to be answered. Section five and six have a listening followed by a question. Note-taking is a key skill that has to be mastered to get a high score in TOEFL. Furthermore, a practice where other people are speaking because during the actual test, there will be other students around you speaking at different computer terminals.

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