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Effective Ways to Help You Reach your Target Band Score


Here are some of the ways to ace the IELTS test the very first time. There is nothing about the test that justifies multiple attempts at it and so it would be a good idea to follow as many of the tips here as are possible.

1. Enroll yourself for a group class.

2. Manage time as the most valuable resource. Time management is a must in IELTS. Most times the test gets easier if you learn to manage your time well.

3. Record your speaking and get it evaluated by the trainer.

4. Try and understand your weak spots and get those tested and evaluated by the trainer.

5. Make a conscious effort to correct your mistakes as most times when you practice by yourself it is productive to correct yourself to avoid repeating the errors.

6. Get your writing tasks corrected on a regular basis.

7. Read as a routine. If you are not in the habit of reading newspapers and magazines, it would be a good idea to start off as most reading articles are taken from magazines like the New Scientist and the Economist. These are available online as well in PDF format.

8. Learn vocabulary and phrases every other day. Likewise, use these phrases and words in your essays and speech- this will help you to retain them in your memory.

9. Watch a variety of English channels with varied accents. Follow their speech closely and try to take down notes as they speak. Do this frequently and you will certainly find a constructive change in the way you comprehend listening.

10. Get your ears trained to different speech patterns to improve your score. Transfer a range of podcasts of different audios into your mobile phone from BBC website and listen to them as you drive, walk or relax at home.

Finally, keep the faith. If you have the above weapons, you are on the right track to reach your target band score in IELTS.