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GRE: Why Option Training Institute?

GRE Training Dubai

Continuing from where our last blog ended, what follows are reasons for why a student should chose to train at Option Training Institute, Dubai, for the GRE test. In the last decade the GRE has been restructured twice and is today one of the most widely written tests for admission to post graduate programs worldwide. This explains the huge numbers eagerly and anxiously searching for the ‘best’ training platform to help them ace the test. Their search is often complicated by the presence of a riot of institutes all claiming to be the ‘best’ and the result is that the search ends in vain. To avoid this ugly possibility be advised to make the search narrow by limiting the possible choices and intelligent by visiting each of these choices and exercising yourself intelligently. Do not be misled by tall claims, empty rhetoric and demagogical clichés!!!Institutes can be classified into just two types – the real ones and the pretenders. You need to make sure you are at a real one because if you are conned by one of the pretenders in the market you could end up hurt, lost and nowhere at the end of all the time, money and effort, not to miss mentioning opportunity, you have invested.

Why Option Training Institute is the best choice for preparing for the GRE is not difficult to answer and can be succinctly put across in three points.

1. The Verbal content of the GRE is a nightmare for most test takers.

Option debunks this view. Very honestly speaking the vocabulary for the GRE Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence Question typesis not child’s play. On the contrary, it is territory that most students have never explored. And compounding this problem is the fact that this unexplored territory is vast! Unfamiliar words keep popping up and the student is often so overwhelmed by them that he gives up and resigns himself to a mediocre score.

Option Dubai, with over 13 years of experience in training GRE aspirants, has constructed its own word list and compiled the most frequently tested words into little groups that make cluster learning an easy and effective way of covering the expanse of the vocabulary. At the same time, our unique teaching methodology has seamlessly incorporated practical work and discussion into the training modules. This ensures that the trainer constantly works to train students about the nuances of the words and the unique reason for why one answer choice is right and the others not.

The result of this entire interface with vocabulary is that students shed inhibitions, acquire a comfort level with words and begin to ‘use’ them rather than just ‘learn’ them.

2. You do not have to be a ‘Math person’ to perform well on the GRE Math Sections.

Option has evolved a well- structured class plan for the Math content of the test. Trainers follow this plan but are not limited by or to it. As a result, the class tempo is determined not by the stipulated number of weeks for a particular course but, in priority, by the learning speed of the students in the class.Students who do not have a strong Math background or who last did math a while ago and are not confident about handling the math syllabus are offered different platforms for grooming their skills in the subject. These platforms include one on one classes as a backup for what is going on in the class, random orientation lectures on different topics and the liberty to intensify their preparation by repeating sessions with other ongoing groups. All this latitude with respect to training allows Option to impart quality training and ensure for the student a very satisfying outcome.

Because the GRE is taken by students from various academic streams it is not surprising to have students who are not ‘math people.’ Option accepts this and is ready for the challenge of training students who need extra attention with Math.

3. Reading and writing are not activities test takers today are comfortable doing.

No hard feelings (whoever!) but the truth is that academic preparation, beginning with school, often neglects developing reading and writing skills. And what is not learnt early is hardest to learn late. There are students who are chary of exams such as the GRE because they test them for their reading and writing abilities. So when it comes to training students for the GRE, Option takes particular care to get the Writing Section (AWA) started early so that students are given a weekly writing assignment that is evaluated and discussed with them. This constant ‘nagging,’ as some students will call it, pays off in the long run. With the trainer maintaining a record of each student’s assignments it is difficult, in fact impossible, for a student to shirk off the writing tasks.

Reading needs patience, retention and understanding. Because many students are not in the habit of regular reading, they lack the patience to sit through passage after passage on the GRE. And what is worse is the fact that students are choosy about what they like to read and what not. Our trainers are particular about confronting students with passages on a variety of topics and about teaching students the different question types and the skills required for them. Classes devoted to reading engage students in class assignments followed by discussions and problem solving sessions which slowly raise the inquiry level of the student and inculcate in him an interest in deriving information by reading.

Every Wednesday from 5 to 7 pm Option holds an interactive session for the GRE. Apart from sharing vital information about the exam, we give a trial class that allows students an opportunity to meet our trainers and to see our exemplary teaching standards.