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IELTS the Option Way!


IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is one of the most widely accepted English language tests around the globe. The IELTS comes in two flavors – Academic and General. The Academic Module is for future students and the General Module for immigrants.

The IELTS test consists of four parts arranged in the following order – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

Here is a brief description of each of the sections. The listening test takes about 40 minutes – 30 minutes to listen to a tape and to answer questions on what you hear, and 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet.The reading test extends over 1 hour and your task is to read passages of text and answer questions based on the information in the texts. The writing test also takes 1 hour and is divided into 2 sub-parts: writing task 1(20 minutes) to write a letter/report and writing task 2 (40 minutes) to write an essay.The speaking test takes around15 minutes and consists of 3 parts: a Personal Interview, a Cue Card talk and a Discussion.All the parts continue one after another, and only before the speaking test do you get a break. Sometimes the speaking test is held on a different day.

At Option Training Institute, we train candidates for all the four sections over fifteen two-hour sessions. What is unique about this platform is that each session is a microcosmic simulation of the test; all four parts are attended to in 30 minute capsules. As a result, each session takes the student a step closer to being exposed to and prepared for the test. Option’s training modules are also unique by virtue of the fact that students can decide how often in a week they want to attend a session and thus set the pace of their preparation. Someone attending 3 sessions in a week should ideally be ready to write the test in 5 weeks while someone attending 5 sessions per week should in 3 weeks!!

Innovative learning tools devised by a team of extraordinary trainers make the training at Option very effective and interesting. Sessions are lively and meticulously planned as per the requirement of the students. Also, since assignments are an integral part of each session, student participation is essential and this clearly raises the levels of the participants.

Overall, the Option way of helping students with the IELTS is very unique, professional and result –oriented. Provided at a competitive fee, the courses are constantly reinvented to suit the different needs of test takers from various backgrounds.