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Is IELTS an Easy Exam?

IELTS exam

Most students ask this question and the answer is –Yes! The IELTS is an easy exam if you follow a systematic study plan and aim to hone your for all the four sections.Remember, each test taker is different and can accomplish only what is his optimum in terms of a good score. Statistics and others’ scores may delude you. Avoid being deluded by the fancy, eye-catching results of others and spend time instead on drawing up an independent preparation plan and on working towards attaining your target band score.

Begin by comprehending the pattern of the test and distinguishing which form, the General Test or the Academic Test, you should take up. Evidently the test pattern and level of the two are quite varied in the Reading and Writing sections and it is vital to study about this in order to ensure a good band score. People applying for immigration always need the General Test score whereas those applying for academic programs need to take the Academic Test.

The Listening is the first section in the IELTS and is divided into four parts/audio tracks with ten questions on each track. The tracks consist of dialogues and monologues. It is important to predict information by reading the questions ahead and underlining the key words in the question, an exercise that helps you focus on the answer. Listening to the synonyms of the words in the question is one of the keys to getting to the right answer. Another important trick is to jot down short forms for the answers in order to save time. Later, during the ten minutes transfer time write down the complete answer in the answer sheet.

The Speaking is an interview with an examiner which is divided into three parts. There are a number of questions and topics available online. Practice as much as you can. There is a collection of the most frequently asked topics for the Speaking section and it is sensible to take a look at this list to avoid an uncomfortable experience with the examiner.Likewise, drill yourself to speak naturally. Accent is not important; stick to the topic and do not deviate; listen carefully to the question before answering. Give appropriate, clear and original answers.

The Writing and Reading sections are different for the two test segments and will be dealt with in the next article.

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