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Making your IELTS Prep easy!


A common myth regarding the test among the candidate is about it being a hard nut to crack. But frankly speaking, IELTS is an easy exam if one is dedicated, organized and meticulous. One must focus only on improving one’s English and strictly follow the preparation strategy. At Option, the trainers have worked to evolve very effective strategies.

1) Listening Section

Of late, the Listening section has shown signs of change. Unlike previously when the tracks were slow and fairly mid-level difficulty, now the tracks are faster and the difficulty level is successively higher.

The key to cracking this module is to develop specific skills:

Reading the questions in the question paper (/booklet) well in advance.
Circling the keywords, as mostly answers are next to the keywords.
Aiming to listen, read and write at the same time to ensure a higher band score.

2) Reading Section

This module which guarantees a high score when one follows certain tips and tricks specific to a different question types.

Identifying the passage that must be completed first out of the three.
Developing methodologies such as skimming, scanning and of course reading.
Understanding the vocabulary from within the reading context.
Most importantly reading and following the instruction given before the questions.

3) Writing Section

The preparation for the 2 writing tasks in this section should be regularly evaluated in order to enhance quality.

Academic Writing task 1-

The most challenging task in the IELTS exam in which statistics and figures play an important role in fetching scores and the single skill one needs to inculcate is being able to identify which stats and figures are important and how to present a summary of them

Academic Writing Task 2 –

This part of the test focuses on general question types based on current trends. Students must be aware of topics such as Education, Environment, Sports, Health, Globalisation, Technology, Youth Crime, Criminal Justice, Government Spending, Development and Public Transport. Most often students are asked to – Agree or Disagree or to present their views on an issue.

The demand of this task is to discuss the topic stating two strong points or reasons and to incorporate complex sentences, good grammar and appealing idiomatic language.

4) Speaking Section

This section can be mastered by learning 4 skills – vocabulary, fluency and coherence, grammar and pronunciation. Proficiency in these 4 areas along with Expressive Intonation of voice ensures a Band 7 plus score.

So, the test is not that hard a nut to crack!