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TOEFL Preparation Needs to Be Practice Oriented

TOEFL test practice

Training students for the TOEFL needs more than theoretical explanations and elaborate summaries of the sections. TOEFL test, is a popular English test and is taken by candidates at different academic levels to provide evidence of their proficiency in English. As such, the training modules designed to help prepare students for this test need to be sensitive to different language levels. Besides, over the years the test has undergone frequent changes and has adapted well to the changing needs of academic institutions. From the paper based version the test went on to the computer based version before it finally took its present form – the Internet based TOEFL – the ibt as it is popularly called. Training must also keep these changes in mind and students must clearly not appear for one version, say internet based, with the preparation skills they acquired for another version, say the paper based.

To start with it is best to begin by training for the speaking and writing sections of the test. This allows for regular practice assignments for these sections to go on while the reading and listening sections are tackled. Remember, practice makes perfect. Whether the student decides to prepare on his own or to enroll at a coaching center, this good old truth abides. The idea is to acquire the right test skills through exposure to different levels of content and different topics that the reading passages, listening tracks and writing topics cover. This is particularly necessary for students who are not avid readers and whose opportunities to write and speak in English have been limited. Once this simple ground rule is observed the test aspirant can be sure of progressing steadily towards a good score.

What is a good TOEFL score? Honestly speaking anything above a 105. But is this score a norm? Do all test takers actually achieve this level? That depends on where the test taker starts. The ideal process is to take a diagnostic test. This will show you the mirror and help you identify how long and intensive the preparation for the test needs to be and what score is possible after that preparation. At a training institute, this diagnostic test allows the trainer to identify the areas of the test that need more work. This way the training can be planned to accommodate more time for what the student is weak at and regular practice for what needs less trainer interface but regular evaluation. No matter how hard one works, it is not uncommon for students to have a bad TOEFL day!!!! The result may not be as good as the student expected or was assured. No worries. Do not give up. Take another attempt at the test but only after the problem areas have been worked on and the necessary skills have been acquired. For most schools and most programs a score between 85 and 100 is competitive enough with a very balanced breakup of the section scores…say between 22 and 24 in each section rather than 18 in one section and a 28 in another. Below 80 is risky and the school may reject the application or request the candidate to retake the test and provide an improved score.

Option Training Institute has assisted more than 2000 students over 13 years to achieve unbelievably high scores. Yes, we can boast of scores as high as 119/120 on the ibt test!! To ensure that your association with us is fruitful, we make it mandatory for you take a diagnostic test before you actually start classes. Once this is done we assign you a trainer who draws out the class plan and gets you going with a target score in mind. There is no point working towards something without an idea of what to expect from the effort. So, at Option we assist you to work towards achieving a goal.