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    The Sections on the test will appear in the following sequence:

    1. Verbal Reasoning 44 21 Min The capacity to evaluate information that is presented in a written form. Questions which require students to decide whether specific conclusions or inferences can be drawn from the information provided.
    2. Decision Making 29 29 Min The knack to apply logic to reach a decision or conclusion, assess arguments, and examine statistical information. Students may be provided with text, charts, tables, graphs or diagrams. Questions may include Venn diagrams and probability concepts.
    3. Quantitative Reasoning 36 25 Min The skill to quickly calculate answers for situation based problems presented in a numerical or tabular form. Students will be offered tables or other information related to numbers. Questions may require the use of ratios, percentages, averages and fractions.
    4. Abstract Reasoning 50 12 Min The use of divergent and convergent pattern identification skills to infer relationships from information. Learners are presented with images arranged into sets or series. Patterns may involve changes to the size and shape of objects, the number of objects, shading and color, symmetry, position, direction and so on
    5. Situational Judgement 69 26 Min The capacity to understand real world situations and to identify critical factors and appropriate behavior in dealing with them. Students are presented with a series of healthcare scenarios. Medical or procedural knowledge is not required, but students should have an understanding of basic ethical principles.

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