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Why Most Individuals Prefer Professional Training to Self-Preparation


With the growing trend for studying in the US, the number of people taking competitive exams to improve their applications has gone up quite steeply. When candidates begin to plan their applications, they also need to give considerable attention to planning how to go about preparing for whichever exam they are required to take. At this point, many individuals are faced with the choice to invest either in a rigorous program at a professional training institute or in a regimen of self-preparation at their own pace and convenience.

There are clear advantages of both, and an individual’s final decision will depend mostly on the time and resources available to him. It is understandable why most people, given the choice, would opt for self preparation. Walking up to a professional training setup would not only mean dishing out a fat load of money, it would also mean that you would have to take out time and schedule your preparation as per the plan drawn up by them, and this may not be the most comfortable situation for you. Plus, there are plenty of books and online material available easily and this convinces many test takers that they can handle the preparation on their own, and even ace the exam.

Yet, many people opt for the more expensive and hectic solution. They choose to place their money and trust in the hands of a professional. This choice can largely be attributed to an acknowledgement of the fact that a qualified trainer has a better understanding of the particular exam and knows how to help a candidate achieve his desired score. Moreover, a professional, someone who deals with exam preparation on a daily basis while accommodating the needs and limitations of different people, would be better able to draw out a clear, focused plan which would improve the chances of success. Although professional training is usually quite costly, and may be more back breaking than self- study, it allows students a more efficient schedule which makes it possible for them to steer all their resources and abilities towards preparing for the test, and to evolve a strategy that would guarantee results. Besides, preparation in an environment monitored by professional trainers, has one benefit that clearly gives professional training an advantage. Don’t forget the intangible benefits of the training – the exposure to more test takers, the interaction with different minds taking the same test and the learning that comes from sharing with others your perspective and understanding of the test.

All said and done, find a convenient professional platform and make sure you know what you want from the experience. Be a responsible and aware consumer and derive the maximum for the high fee and time, and opportunity (don’t forget, every investment has an opportunity cost!!!) you invest in it. Spend time following the schedule and stretch the potential of the platform by interacting, questioning and participating at all levels. For sure, there are excellent and very professional training platforms available – just find the right one.