No. Unless the business school clearly mentions in its requirements that the GMAT score is not needed, you will need to report your GMAT score. However, there are certain other management level education programs like the Executive MBA programs and some Master’s programs for which  many schools do not need your GMAT score.

Yes. If you get a high score in the GMAT exam, it will compensate for your low GPA or little or no job/industry experience. In fact, in many cases test takers with great scores have better admission chances than poor test takers with great recommendations, work experience and GPA.

No, there is absolutely no need of any special computer skills to appear for the GMAT or GRE exam. Although these tests are computerizes tests, no special computer skills are required to negotiate the test. However, it is advised that the student must practice taking the tests on the computer for performing better. And since the tests also include essays, typing speed should be good enough to complete the exam on time.Before the test, candidates are provided with special tutorials and practice tests that simulate the original test. This helps students to understand how to manage the test on the final day.

Though GRE scores are now accepted worldwide for admission to MBA programs, it is still advisable to check with the norms and requirements of each business school before deciding whether to take the GRE or the GMAT.

GMAT test takers can cancel their score at the test center immediately after their exam, at no additional cost. You can also cancel your GMAT score online for a fee, within 72 hours after the scheduled start time of your exam. Your cancelled scores will not be shown or otherwise indicated on the score reports sent to schools. For more information,  Please call US Service (Pearson VUE) as soon as possible if not able to cancel online within the first 48 hours.

You can take the GMAT™ exam once every 16 calendar days and no more than five times in a rolling 12-month period and no more than eight times total (lifetime limit effective December 17, 2016). For more information, click here.

No, both the tests are different. They are not designed to test the same skills. The GRE Analytical Writing section tests the ability to analyse logical arguments and thus focuses on evaluating not only the language proficiency in terms of grammar and vocabulary but also the relevance of the analysis and logic employed.

The TOEFL Writing section comprises of two assignments – the independent task which is the usual school level essay that asks the student to agree or disagree with a view or to describe an experience, and the integrated essay which asks the student to listen to a track, then read a passage and then write an essay that combines the two.

Yes, you can retake TOEFL test but it will require you to have a gap of 12 days between two test attempts

It depends. Some universities ask their international students (those from countries where English is not the native language) to submit both their GRE and TOEFL scores; however there are some schools that only require you to sit for the GRE exam and are willing to waive the TOEFL requirement. But again we advise that each student correspond with the school and confirm these details before planning to take or not take the TOEFL.

If you have spent at least one year studying a full time academic course in a recognized U.S. university, no exam to test your English proficiency will be needed.

GRE/GMAT/ scores are valid for a period of 5 years while SAT, TOEFL and IELTS scores for 2 years.

The choice of exams depends on what field you are interested in and what kind level of education you’re looking forward to proceed with.

SAT is for under graduate studies; GRE is for Masters; GMAT is specifically meant for MBA and management related courses. However, TOEFL and IELTS are meant for students who have not educated in institutions that use English as the medium of instruction or students whose native language is not English.

Note that U.S. and Canadian universities prefer TOEFL scores while British, Australian or New Zealand universities insist on the IELTS.

Option Training Institute provides its students with all the forms they need to fill, but one can also access the form online by visiting the official website of each exam.

If you want to take the SAT test, better take it in the 11th grade. If you want to take GMAT or GRE for admission to a post-graduation program take the test at least 8 months prior to the term for which you are seeking admission. But make sure you are ready for the test. Being prepared is the important criterion for deciding the test date.

Generally, universities consider the higher score. Some universities even consider taking the average of both the marks. Though schools get to see your exam score history, a low score on record doesn’t always hinder your admission.

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