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About Us – Option Education: Your Test Prep Partner in Dubai

Welcome to Option Education’s “About Us” page, where you can discover more about our commitment to helping you succeed in the test prep exams and achieve your marvelous career goals.

At Option Education, we are your trusted test prep partner in Dubai. Our experienced instructors, proven methodologies, and comprehensive test prep courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to excel in the exams and secure admission to your dream college.


(1) Option is the result of a combination of factors – long experience in the training industry, robust and ethical ideology, marvelous trainers with a passion for a teaching career, interactive training modules, and, of course, intelligent students who know where to be when it comes to selecting a training platform!

(2) Option offers a complete experience: From helping a student select the right course to ensure optimum performance to counseling about the application process, Option boasts of the most informed and up-to-date -–-with-times team of trainers and counselors.

(3) Option is flexible and hence ‘smart’ as a training ’round Training, we believe, must be convenient, engaging, and effective. With stressful school schedules and burdensome workloads, is it possible to include and sustain a training schedule? Very often, no. 

The result is that students drop out of the training or lose interest in it. Option offers the most generous platter of course types for training for the DIGITAL SAT, ACT, AP, UCAT, and LNAT and hence has a course/schedule for everyone!

(4) Option involves itself with each student: Beliet or not, we know you by your name, we know your schedules, we know your plans, and we monitor your participation and performance diligently. We are there beside you when you triumph and also when you may need that extra push (or advice!).

(5) Option stays ahead of other training institutes: It is advantageous to associate with a training institute ready before its competitors with the revised versions of different tests. 

Yes! Before the SAT changed in March 2016, we had launched a NEW SAT batch on December 2centersprepare students to test the new waters! More recently, in March 2020, when COVID forced all training to be delivered online, Option was ready in 1 week with all its courses online – wasting no time and taking on the challenge effectively. 

And then, in March 2023, when the SAT turned Digital, we welcomed the change again. As the results of the March, May, and June 2023 SATs show, we have our act ready for the Digital SAT.

 (6) Option is a complete training institute: With 2 centers in Knowledge Village, Option offers students an opportunity to complete all their academic test requirements with us. 

So you can do the  SAT OR ACT with us and then the IELTS or TOEFL or the LNAT or the UCAT –  all under one roof and the expert guidance of our amazing team!


    Explore our “About Us” page to learn about our passionate team, our mission, and our dedication to guiding you through your test prep journey. We look forward to being a part of your success story. Stay connected with Option Education through social media channels for updates, tips, and insights.