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About Us

About Option Training Institute

The Option Legacy

In a world driven by the dynamics of literacy and knowledge, nothing is more important than investing in the right learning platform and leveraging yourself by that investment. Option finally brings to Dubai the first ” boutique’’ experience of education- a platform characterized by high service standards, personalized customer care, contemporary and updated consultancy and meticulous attention to results.

As the only training institute that is not a franchise, Option clearly stands apart. Conceived by Dr. Radhika Vikramjeet in 2000, Option is a haven for students in India for all these years, guiding and training students to aim, excel and achieve beyond the ordinary. With an unbeaten prominence in a market challenged by competition, Option has carved for itself a niche position in terms of both the number of students it caters to and the results it achieves. And behind it all is the husband wife duo and a team of handpicked professionals, a team imbued with a single work philosophy- consumer above all!

The Option Pedigree

An organic growth oriented organization, Option has taken care not to dilute the pedigree of its core ideology, an ideology of intellectual growth and well being. No fancy labels, no false claims, no improvised trainers and no quick-fix solutions! Real teachers, genuine results and personalised solutions. Option is what it promises to be- the only reliable partner in a person’s academic and professional journey.

The Option Factor

There are reasons aplenty to want to be a part of Option:-

The Option Factor
  • Option offers state-of-the-art training by faculty that has put in more than 30,000 hrs of class room training!!
  • Trainers are extremely communicative and student friendly and this makes for very engaging and productive classes.
  • The content of the instruction is regularly updated and strategies are constantly refined to match the challenges of the tests.
  • Students are trained to be curious and to question rather than to just accept what is taught.
  • The human factor is very high on Option’s list of priorities. Each member of our team prioritizes interaction with clients and ensures providing very flexible solutions to individual problems.
  • Option sincerely believes that learning is best achieved in an interactive and flexible environment. As a result we do not rely on ‘slides’ and circumscribed materials to train; we innovate, invent, interact and imbue!
  • Option is the only institute that caters to your special academic need down to the finest detail. We offer training packages that are pocket friendly and easy on time. You do not need to take the entire course, either in a group or on your own, if what you need is improvement in some particular aspect of the test. We have the widest offering of flexi programs.
  • And the most remarkable thing is that we guarantee a score improvement! Studies were never such fun! Interesting sessions tailor made to suit you in terms of money, time and outcome. Option has mastered and skillfully executed the fine art of academic training and promises to be the most exhilarating experience for you.

The Option Outreach

Option’s journey as an organization begins and ends with the individual stories of each of the 1000s of students that have added to the persona of the institute. After more than 16 years of excellence, India’s most respected training and academic consultancy firm- Option- is now present in UAE as Option FZ-LLC to continue its efforts in building careers and lives and transforming outlook.

The Option Faculty

Trainers at Option Dubai are recognizable by their passion for good, smart teaching methodology and yet each trainer is an entity with his or her own very distinctive personality as a trainer. That makes for a team – a group for which the ideology of the organization is paramount but so is individual expertise.