As A First Strategy- Minimize the Potential for Damage
As A First Strategy- Minimize the Potential for Damage
June 17, 2020
MBA Program at INSEAD
GMAT Preparation Score Holders: Analysis of the Application Essays for the MBA Program at INSEAD 2013-14
September 28, 2020



OPTION TRAINING INSTITUTE, DUBAI, has earned high esteem for the past eight years for classroom training. No doubt then, a directive from the KHDA on March 6th to turn ‘digital’ and to ensure that no classroom training was undertaken first till April 5th and, by a renewed directive, till the end of June, came as a shocker! But true to the organization’s underlying spirit of innovation, flexibility, and tenacity, our team stood solid to face the challenge.

An open mind, many brainstorming sessions, sleepless nights, long hours of work, and the undying support and encouragement of parents and students had us back on the road in less than 2 weeks. On 23RD March, Option successfully launched online courses – in groups and one-to-one – for the LNAT, UCAT, AP, SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS and TOEFL. Fired by the spirit to continue to interface productively with students and partake in their efforts to make the most of the time at hand, Option was quick to transition to digital training.

Using a professional online platform and incorporating our learning tools and content has worked well in helping us maintain the exemplary quality of training that we pride ourselves on providing. What merits mention here is that the response to the classes has been very positive, not only from our already enrolled students but also from prospective students who took a trial class online and were quick to enroll.

For a training institute, there is no better yardstick to measure its standing in the education industry than its ability to think on its feet. The option did just that. The magnitude of the crisis that we are all facing today and the ramifications the crisis has had and will continue to have on our lives – familial, social, academic, and economic- are unfathomable. In such times, every individual must exercise himself equanimity and prudence.

The mantra is to move ahead with peace, prayer, and hope and to work on yourself in skill building, knowledge, and people skills. Option supports the government of Dubai in its smart efforts to meet the challenge of the time, and we hope to emerge from this catastrophe better, humbler, and smarter. Ironically, Option had never contemplated online training. But now that we have started it, the online platform will henceforth be an integral part of our services, allowing us to take another step forward as a training institute. Best training institute in Dubai

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