Junior SAT Classes in Dubai this September!!!

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September 27, 2023
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September 29, 2023

Junior SAT Classes in Dubai this September!!!

Junior SAT Classes in Dubai this June!!!

Option will start its Junior SAT classes in September month this year. We invite you to discuss this opportunity with us and to enroll your junior in what we promise is an exciting learning experience that will take him out of his learning box and step up his potential to achieve beyond your expectations!!!

The option was the first institute in India to conceive a training platform- the “Junior SAT” course- that catered to early starters and helped them cultivate real skills for the SAT. We took in 8th and 9th graders and offered them intensive training modules for verbal and math. Many of our little wonders worked with us for 2 summers, took the SAT as early as in the 8th grade, gradually grew up to the test, and went on to do summer programs in the US before actually taking their final attempt at the test and securing scores upward of 2300!

This September Option brings the same opportunity to Dubai. This initiative is inspired by our understanding of where grades 11 and 12 students stand when they must take the SAT at short and sometimes urgent notice! With more than 17 years of very successful training experience, Option has its finger on today’s academic pulse.

This experience says that despite hard work and long hours of excruciating schedules, many last students who aim to acquire the right test skills in the final grades fail to make the competitive mark. This is because the training invariably runs against time and proves shallow; it is a brave effort to patch up academic deficiencies but in no way a skill augmentation that can guarantee to nail the test.

If, on the other hand, students are equipped early with real skills in reading, vocabulary, grammar, and maths, the impact is holistic. The students are facilitated with their school assignments, begin to use English and math more innovatively, and, over time, find themselves handling the SAT very robustly. There are many advantages of starting early for SAT preparations.

The most obvious one is that the student’s whole academic temperament and ideology transforms; competition and the spirit to outdo his previous record drives the student to strive harder and to achieve excellent scores by the 11th grade. This is a great head start and allows each student and his counselor to plan good applications and get the most out of the effort.

Join our Classes for comprehensive and personalized guidance tailored to your academic goals. Classes for Digital SatACT, APLNATUCAT.

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