SAT ACT AP LNAT UCAT GMAT Classes & Coaching in Dubai
July 19, 2016
SAT ACT AP LNAT UCAT GMAT Classes & Coaching in Dubai
Tackling the Evidence Based Reading & Writing and Language Test on the New SAT
August 22, 2016

Mathematics on SAT II

SAT ACT AP LNAT UCAT GMAT Classes & Coaching in Dubai

SAT ACT AP LNAT UCAT GMAT Classes & Coaching in Dubai

Mathematics is the major subject which we study in schools and colleges. This subject provides students with a highly effective set of concepts about our day-to-day lives. These concepts include sensible thinking, problem-solving capabilities, and the capacity to think in technical ways.

By studying mathematics, we develop analytical skills and consider all assumptions in a given problem or situation. That is why most schools, colleges, and universities check students’ basic knowledge of mathematics through an entrance test.

THE COLLEGE BOARD offers two mathematics SAT subject tests, Mathematics Level 1 (Math 1) and Mathematics Level 2 (Math 2). Both are 50-question multiple choice tests to be done in 60 minutes.

Mathematics Level 1:

Assesses knowledge of mathematics students gained from previous courses; if you are good at these courses, taking the Test can support you to get good grades, which helps to get admission into good colleges/universities to build your career in the field such as Science, Engineering, Medicine, Economics, etc.

SAT subject test Math 1 covers Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, and Probability.

Mathematics Level 2:

Mathematics Level 2 test covers the same concepts as Level 1, adding trigonometry, pre-calculus, and more advanced geometry topics like coordinate and three-dimensional geometry. Taking this Test allows you to highlight your abilities and showcase your interest in high-level mathematics

Topics and approximate number of questions 

Sl.No Topics % of Test Approximate number of questions
1 Number and Operations 10-14% 5-7
2 Algebra and Functions 48-52% 24-26
3 Geometry, Trigonometry, and Measurement 28-32% 14-16
4 Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability 8-12% 4-6


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