May 14, 2023
June 16, 2023


New Academic Year

Applications for courses beginning in the Fall of 2023 are made, and the new year beckons with promises of opportunities that will see many dreams realized and records broken. To all those hoping to make it to a program/school of their choice…..all the best!!

Planning the application process is the underlining; no matter what level of study you are seeking to pursue, plan your way to it, put a method in the process, and be as well informed as possible. Academics is one of the most vibrant dimensions of modern society. The effort institutions put into reinventing courses to keep up with the demands of economies and workplaces is unimaginably innovative.

The result is that applicants have a sumptuous platter of courses to choose from; specializations have made way for super specializations, and pedigreed subject courses have been furthered in their objectives by accommodating the vigor of interdisciplinary study. The classroom is now a confluence of minds and talents, a meeting ground for inquiry that effortlessly opens new avenues and careers.

The first step is to plot the plan’s end goal and schedule the time for achieving it. So, if the objective is to start a program of study in August/September of 2023, plot this and work towards it. The time from June 2023 to February 2024 should be planned to achieve this goal.

Start by identifying the Tests that the application requires applicants to take. Broadly, the time from June to October, and maybe a little later – November- is best spent working on acquiring the skills for these tests. A robust 6- month preparation normally suffices if it is well-planned, regular, and objective-oriented.

Many students are natural with exams and can do these tests exceptionally well without professional help. Others, however, need guided grooming and must look for the right places and trainers to help them grow up to the tests.

Once the test preparation has taken off, search schools and programs. Meet people who can share their experiences and understanding with you, and broaden the scope of your effort so that you can deal with issues such as funds, work experience requirements, and even grades by moving out of clichés and stereotypes.

It is best to have a variety of schools across 2 or 3 countries on your list rather than a number in one country. Some of the most innocuous countries have become excellent and rewarding academic destinations. Explore them; their policies for student visas are more liberal, their programs very diversified, and their cost affordable and often subsidized.

By the end of November, the test/s should be over with and the programs finalized. Good applications are time-consuming and very exacting. So, probably a whole month or so will go into getting the material for the applications in place – transcripts, recommendation letters, statement of purpose, essays, and financial papers.

In particular, attend to the essays and or the SOP diligently. Schools emphasize a great deal on these and use them as the window to look into your world.

The option has launched some exciting platforms – the Junior SAT course this summer for 8th and 9th graders wanting to prepare early for the PSAT and the SAT, which allows students to join any day and get the most out of the training.


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