Sentence Correction Fairness
Is the Sentence Correction Portion of the GMAT Verbal Section Unfair to Non-Native Users of English?
October 29, 2020
New SAT vs. Current SAT
New SAT vs. Current SAT
March 9, 2022

Innovative Training!

Innovative Training!

I am unsure in what capacity I am writing this – a teacher, an academic consultant, or an entrepreneur. Maybe it is a little bit of all. So, I want the audience to read it for what it holds for each of them, not the worth of my experiences.

Selecting the right institute to train for preparation courses for any of the standardized tests is a difficult task and an issue I have discussed earlier on some of the other platforms. So, no more about the dos and don’ts of this painful process. What I am going to spend time on now is sharing with you the immense innovation, care, and planning that Option Training Institute is putting in to ensure to bring to the students of Dubai and the UAE a truly remarkable training and learning experience.

Our most challenging task was constructing class schedules that afforded students flexibility and peace of mind. Missing an odd class to attend to a family commitment or an illness or even for a change of routine is not irreparable damage; our rolling intake schedules allow students to rest assured that any module they miss will return on the turntable for them to partake in.

This also allows students to repeat whole units of the training and thus acquire more proficiency. Besides, following this unique intake system, the institute offers year-round schedules for most courses and allows individuals to plan their training.

Another very creative aspect of Option’s courses is the material. We have diligently created our material, but at the same time, we do not hesitate to acknowledge the worth and value of already available materials – such as the Gruber for SAT, Official Guide and Kaplan for GMAT, Barron’s for GRE, and others.

What we aim to do is to assemble for the students the most productive resources and to train them with an open mind. We have minimized the reliance on slides and structured material and encourage students to bring materials and share them with other students through discussions and problem-solving classes.

The ideology of our institute is quality, and we are working relentlessly to deliver that to each of our clients.


Join our Classes for comprehensive and personalized guidance tailored to your academic goals. Classes for Digital SatACT, APLNATUCAT.

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