Types of questions to expect on the AP Calculus AB

December 6, 2018
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January 29, 2020

Types of questions to expect on the AP Calculus AB


AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus AB is an advanced placement course designed to introduce high school students to fundamental concepts in calculus. This college-level course explores limits, derivatives, integrals, and calculus applications in real-world scenarios. Students will gain a strong foundation in calculus principles, preparing them for the AP Calculus AB exam and future studies in mathematics and science.

Types of questions to expect on the AP Calculus AB

The AP Calculus AB exam assesses your understanding of fundamental calculus concepts and ability to apply them. You can expect to encounter the following types of questions:

Type 1: Multiple Choice Questions (No Calculator)

The question above tests your ability to evaluate limits. The answer to the above question is D, but how should I solve it? And how to do it even without a calculator?

This is how the board in your class at Option would look like.

Appreciations if you got it right! You would have understood that knowing the identities and equations related to the concept is imperative. Limits and continuity are some of the most important concepts on the AP Calculus examination, and you can expect some questions from this area on the exam.

We have collected a handful of questions based on the questions released by the Official College Board.

You can attempt these questions and cross-check your answers.

Type 2: Multiple Choice (Calculator Allowed)

Question No.2

This question tests your ability to analyze functions. The correct answer to this problem is D.

Type 3: Free Response (Calculator Allowed)

Question No.3

Scoring Guidelines:

Type 3: Free Response (No Calculator)

Question No.4

Scoring Guidelines:

The AP tests require high subject knowledge and exceptionally good academic skills. At Option Training Institute, Dubai, we have planned all the AP courses to meet both these requirements and in the process of enabling test takers to achieve scores of no lower than 4/5.


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