Unfortunate but not Irretrievable: How to Tackle the SAT Test Cancellation

March 7, 2017
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May 6, 2017

Unfortunate but not Irretrievable: How to Tackle the SAT Test Cancellation


The large populace eyeing the June 2017 SAT finds itself left in the lurch – cheated, harmed, and much more. But why? I agree that the College Board could have gone about things more organized and rationally, but don’t emergencies always crop up? Don’t test takers dump the test due to personal crises?

Yes. A great deal happens all the time that knocks the bottom out of plans – parents’ plans, children’s plans, students’ plans, and the plans of organizations such as the College Board. Be fair! The hullaballoo – often assuming the dimensions of an ugly tirade – can go on but must not. The crisis has been brought on by the irresponsible behavior of test-takers and test-prep companies seeking to gain through unlawful test-taking strategies, and we must all pay the price for this tampering with a system.

As the provider of the SAT for many years, the College Board merits our patient understanding of the situation; at the same time, as responsible wards of potential test-takers or as test-takers, we need to plan constructively rather than waste our choler over bygones.

The test dates for the SAT for 2017 are now public, and it would be in the right spirit to spend the time planning the year rather than moping over what is not – the June SAT!!!

My most constructive advice for those in the final year of school (who need to apply at the end of 2017 for admission into colleges in Fall 2018) is to consider switching to the ACT. The ACT calendar has a test in June for which there is still time to register and possibly enough time to prepare. The ACT also has a date in September that affords test takers two advantages- a great deal of summertime time to study and timely scores for early decision applications. Besides, the switch will not entail too much effort. The two tests – the ACT and the New SAT – share a great deal on the Math and English sections. What will need work are the Science section and the Essay.

The other choice is to book timely for the October SAT. Understandably, there will be a mad rush for October, so the key is to book early. Students applying in 2017 will still be able to apply within deadlines but will not have a retake option since the next SAT will be in December.

Don’t mar the spirit of your dream to be at a great college next year. Think positive and be positive. Expend your energy on constructive planning and great studying! There is a way out of the June SAT cancellation- smart planning!

Source: Option Training Institute, Dubai


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