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September 7, 2023
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September 21, 2023

Well begun is well done!

Well begun is well done!

This is a wake-up call for all those about to step into junior year and plan to take the SAT. You have just transitioned from one grade to another, and the school curriculum’s heat is a while away. Besides, with the summer looming over this part of the world, one must find a reason to be indoors and finish the summer vacation with something worth mentioning. Studying for the SAT probably does not have the mass appeal that a hiking trip or a vacation might have, but it does end in worthwhile skill augmentation.

Starting SAT preparation during the summer and taking the test in October is an ideal plan that works well with students of varying academic levels and curriculum commitments. Besides, this ‘early bird’ approach ensures more focused and less hassled study schedules that yield good results.

Beginning in April and going on till the end of September, penultimate to the October SAT on the first weekend of October, allows for an uninterrupted 6 month preparation time, a luxury hard to afford at any other point of a student’s academic calendar.

If there is a disadvantage, it is only one- the October test often coincides with the first round of fall semester tests at school. But this should not matter since April to July take care of the gruel of SAT preparation, and thereafter, the student can judiciously balance school workload with SAT mock tests and manage both.

One last reason for preparing for the SAT well ahead of time is that students who take the test in October of their junior year afford themselves elbow room to take another attempt at the SAT to improve their scores. Once you miss the October test, it is an almost impossible task to manage an SAT and the hectic school schedules between November and January. So, almost always, students must wait till March of the junior year – an academic year plagued with schedules – to complete a SAT.

That is cutting it fine!!! Any hitches in the plan will have serious repercussions: no scope for another attempt, rushed preparation, poor scores, and a complicated and futile attempt at the applications in the senior year.

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