The Pitfalls of Taking the GRE Lightly preparations

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The Pitfalls of Taking the GRE Lightly preparations

GRE Preparation

What plagues GRE preparation test-takers? A challenging question to answer. Each of my 17 years in the training industry has enlightened me about what exactly in the GRE triggers disillusionment and helplessness in test-takers: The test is not for the frivolous. So in case, you opted for the GRE believing that it is an easier alternative to the GMAT, or in case you opted for it relying on your exemplary math skills, or last but not least, you opted for it spurred on by the mind-boggling performance of a peer – you started on the wrong foot.

Take on the GRE only if you have all the following skills.


    1. Immense tenacity for hard work: Despite all your math or English (or both) prowess, make sure you do not lose the battle to the GRE because of lack of exposure. The test has a knack for throwing up questions that belie their actual worth—under the garb of a seemingly simple exterior lie-couched concepts that only the best can tackle. Plan study in such a manner that it requires you to put in regular and long hours of practice. Tire yourself and push yourself to overreach because that is precisely what the GRE, especially in Verbal, expects you to do.

    1. The right attitude: Honestly, it is not usual for our academics, nor for our careers, to expose us to the level of vocabulary, reading material content, writing proficiency, and even math that the GRE expects of us. Preparing for the GRE eventually becomes a fantastic learning experience that can raise our language, reading, writing, and analysis levels. Stop complaining and start acting. Get the right materials, find yourself a good mentor/trainer who can get the best out of you, and love the experience for what it will leave you equipped with in the long run.

    1. Savviness: This skill is imperative. Even the brightest test taker is of only worth with practical smartness. In the case of the GRE, this savviness manifests in how one prepares for the test in terms of the intangibles. Acquiring vast knowledge, cramming long and torturous vocabulary lists, and burning the midnight lamp is important. Still, they are hollow and worthless without the common sense and insight one must cultivate while preparing. This savviness comes from managing time, learning shortcut techniques, and, most importantly, figuring out what one is brilliant at, just good at, and weak at. Remember, no one knows it all. Be smart and work to make your strengths your assets and control damage by working to make your weaknesses less fatal.

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