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It is not Uncommon for GMAT Test Takers to Find Themselves in Front of the Computer and in a Limbo!


It happens to the best and very obviously to the worst; you experience a limbo either because you just don’t know the answer to one of GMAT’S googlies or because you spent too much time on some questions and find yourself running out of time. Whatever the trigger for the limbo might be, the truth is that it is a predictable fall out of the GMAT experience.

The tell tale signs of this limbo are – a frozen pair of eyes, a brain that refuses to register what is displayed on the screen and an overall muscle atrophy!!! And what is dangerous is that once this limbo grips the test taker it proves to be a deteriorative condition and worsens with every passing question; the test taker slowly loses grip of the test and begins to fall behind the clock that menacingly ticks away in the background. Efforts to regain control may work but most often the GMAT does not allow test takers the privilege of saving the situation. So hope the question/s that unsettle you and trigger the limbo do not come too early in the test and work hard on the time management aspect of test preparation. Manage time and make sure you do not spend undue time on a question; neglecting this test duty has serious repercussions.

Once gripped by a limbo, test takers have only one way to counter the problem – guess and finish the test on time. Now this strategy too, despite all its potential to save you, has been the subject of much discussion. Most proponents of this ‘guessing’ insist it is best to mark all C’s or all B’s- whatever you fancy- but others suggest random answers that have no strategy behind them but are eclectic and hence likely to come close to imitating what an answer key is most probably like. The best way to undertake this guessing could be none of these; take a calculated risk, put a little more thought into the gimmick. If 10 questions remain and time is running out, blindly guess for the questions that require long reading and input, say Reading Comprehension questions, and conserve the time to tackle Sentence Correction, Data Analysis with intelligent elimination and input. Even the highest scorers on the GMAT have faced a tight spot on the test and have had to resort to guessing but their guessing too had some method in it. So, while preparing for the GMAT work also on getting your guessing strategy right!!!